The website you just visited does NOT use a pre-made template.

Its sexy developers want you to know it's originally designed.

What the f*** is this?

With so many tools on the Internet nowadays that allow almost anyone to make professional-looking websites willy-nilly, sometimes it's hard to tell whether a website is originally designed or actually a pre-made template. For us creatives, this poses a problem. In a world full of wanna-be designers and template-users, your credibility is at risk if your design even smells like a template. Without a way to affirmatively declare your originality, you could be looking at a sad life eating out of dumpsters and begging kids outside the local McDonald's for cheeseburgers. This website was made to regain your credibility, and your livelihood.

Holy smokes, Batman! How can I remain credible?

It's actually pretty easy. Just copy and paste the code below into your website where you want to prove to the world templates are for sissies. You'll be the talk of the town. Guaranteed.

So, what does a template smell like anyway?

Somewhere between sour milk and those dumpsters you would be diving had you not chosen to declare your creative genius using the code above. I just saved your life.